the pretenders


Check out these amazing pumpkin impersonators. Getting ideas early on, however I actually hate carving pumpkins it is never easy and it is messy and tiring! Still I can’t have a halloween without a carving a pumpkin, just like Christmas can’t be without a tree, only at least I enjoy decorating the tree more. No idea how long of a task it took the below to look soo good, but I am truly impressed. And after feeling like one pumpkin takes an eternity to carve the last photo sent me into total shock! I hope that there were many hands and power tools on deck for that mother load.


1. big mac,, 2. winking pumpkin, minipixel’s flickr, 3. Obama Pumpkin,, 4 & 6. Ray Villafane skeleton pumpkin,, 5. the rabbit,, 6. house of pumpkins,

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