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at Moda, the Accessories Show NYC…


Back a couple of weeks ago I went to Moda to poke around and see what’s new in the accessories world. Aside from checking out the product I was mostly impressed by the above two presentations. 1. Silent Gypsy’s booth, showcased creativity and chic design to display their edgy yet feminine jewelry line. Necklaces hung on tattered cardboard walls topped with treated/stained wood.  Rings and bracelets sat atop stacked white porcelain dishes filled with beans and moss greens.  Other delicacies to discover included stacks of old newspapers, woven baskets, lanterns, and balls of wool. My favorite piece was the logo, it was absolutely fantastic! If you can’t tell these are silver push pins hand assembled of course… so utterly time consuming but worth the final effect.  The designer credits Caf Creative for the brains behind this beauty. 2. Whitewash was also a favorite. The mostly pale palette was dainty, feminine and fresh.  Black and white illustrations of Victorian fashion hung among the clothes, and vintage forms, postcards and a crystal chandelier spoke to the age in which the clothing was inspired.  Soft and serene just the way it should be.

  1. Love, love, love the Silent Gypsy walls. Ah-maz-in.

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