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Here to inspire goodness with grace by design

I am a seasoned art director who recently relocated, with my family, from NYC to just outside Charleston, SC. I created my company, Impressed Inc, to share my obsession with paper, revitalize the art of entertaining and put my finishing touch on intimate events. Impressed Inc. is an archive of all things that inspire me and a way for me to share my creative vision and voice.

For years I have worked on the creative behind luxury fashion brands, and from that I’ve developed a unique style and perspective that I now use with clients to create unforgettable gatherings, milestones and celebrations. Impressed Inc. inspires joyful acts of love that elevate experiences and truly celebrate life’s precious moments. 

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+ I am the only female in my household.
+ I work in a world of color yet my favorite color is white.
+ Throughout my childhood, I planned all my birthday parties with my Mum, it had an everlasting impact.
+ I love shopping small and and hoard gifts in closets year round, in fact my family has coined the term jac nip for such finds.
+ Fine art and printing run in my family, my great grandfather was a painter and my grandmother owned a stationery store.
+ If I had to choose to do something else, I would be a florist.

Some facts about me:

I'm Jaclyn Diffily

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cultivating joy and enhancing the every day

The details do make a difference. Treat every day and every experience as a gift and you be infectious to others. I am here to put your thoughts into action, to spark curiosity in the creative and to cultivate joy through a celebration of others.

You have something to share that will enhance the lives of those around you. Giving with grace can warm the hearts of those you love for years to come. Perhaps they will remember the lavender scent that you sprayed on your invitation envelope, or the confetti that came out of your party favor that took months to vacuum and still may not be completely gone. Each memory may bring a small smile and thought of you and the happy times you have shared. I want each project that I work on to leave a lasting impression.

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