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Everyone has a story - I hope to transcribe it through paper, process and thoughtful design

I firmly believe each of us has something thoughtful to share with others; in our businesses, at home and even in our every day – sometimes we just need the right tools to bring our ideas to life. Impressed Inc was founded with a DIY attitude and penchant for detail, a philosophy that is simple – to find creative solutions that help elevate expectation and leave a lasting impression. The kind of impression that evokes emotion and furthers conversation.

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I love serving those that have a vision they just need a little creative guidance to bring it to life. 

As an event, brand and novelty designer I aspire to share my obsession with paper, revitalize the art of entertaining and put my finishing touch on intimate events. Whether you are an idea maker that needs the right tools to showcase your brand, a gift giver that wants someone to feel good, or a host that likes to entertain with a penchant for detail – Impressed Inc can help guide you with the products and design pieces that will leave a lasting impression.

Hello  there!

I'm Jaclyn - here to inspire goodness with grace by design

- Kelly & Jed

Jaclyn went above and beyond to help me with my wedding stationery. She worked within my budget and provided the exact vision I was going for. She was also very familiar with my wedding venue and location and helped me brainstorm first look location, rehearsal dinner venue, and just my over all vision. She went above and beyond to help me! I always looked forward to our touch bases because I knew she would have great advice for the next wedding planning step I was tackling and would help ease my bridal planning stress I was experiencing. I will always be grateful I hired her for my wedding stationery!

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My good friend used Jaclyn to create the name, logo, and overall branding for her business. I loved it! It was all so true to her. So I called Jaclyn when I needed help defining my own brand. No other inquiries or estimates - it had to be her. Jaclyn was so generous with her time. She must have thought it was a little crazy - a brand for what? Not totally sure, I have some ideas. Where will you promote it? Don’t think I will yet. Jaclyn indulged me and my unformed vision, and also asked all the right questions and gave me sound advice to start making sense of it. 

- angelique valinoti, Advocated by AV

Through her process of discovery, Jaclyn helped me bring an identity, a purpose, and a brand to life. Later I got some feedback that I needed a web presence. Because I wasn’t convinced, I knew just the person to call. Jaclyn agreed. She encouraged me to package all that was in my head and heart into a clear offering, communicated through a professional and polished web presence. My business became the real deal, thanks to her encouragement, strategy, and sense of design.

Continued ...

It would be easy to talk about how skilled and talented Jaclyn is with everything she creates. Being able to do many different things well, sometimes overshadows the true value of impressed inc. The sometimes indescribable part of what you get is the personalized experience and tangible representation of your needs, goals, ambitions and dreams whether you can fully put them into words or not. Jaclyn makes your life easier in a multitude of ways. She has the ability to bring intelligence, wit and heart to any endeavor whether a business, a social event or making the smaller details in life become more enjoyable and more meaningful. This is true whether you are the client receiving this thoughtfulness or developing something for your clients, guests, teachers, family members, etc. so that your intended goals are experienced with this same intelligence, wit and heart. 

- allyson weiss, space love strength

When so many other options feel cookie cutter, Jaclyn has a knack for reading between the lines and coming up with something better and richer than you could have even imagined for yourself. She has the ability to understand what you want to communicate, deliver or feel in a specific and personalized way. When you work with and collaborate with Jaclyn, both the process and the product are nothing short of extraordinary.

- Allison Dunn, Pilates By Allison

I absolutely love working with Jaclyn. She is so talented, creative and thorough, and brings such a fun perspective to all of my design needs. She has worked on everything for my business from brand identity guidelines to local marketing collateral and always delivers beautiful work. Highly recommend Impressed Inc!

- Eric & Chandler Diffily

Jaclyn took our imagination and turned them into reality for our big day. We couldn't be any more happy with how our Save the dates and invitations turned out. We looked at all online services like snapfish, etc. before turning to Jaclyn and we are so glad we did.. her work was everything we could have hoped for and more. Not only was her product/design great, but she was even more enjoyable to work with. Super friendly and very timely with all her deliverables. Can't wait to use her again!

- Shannon Kachuba PHOTOGRAPHY

I have had the honor of working with Jaclyn on everything from wedding invites to branding suites and every type of invitation in between. Last year I came to her with what felt like an impossible project, my sister was having a baby and by this point COVID was still a big concern and everyone was tired of zoom calls and digital celebrations, we wanted to come up with something different, inclusive and safe. Jaclyn and I talked out all of the challenges and mom-to-be wishes and she compiled a vision board of custom baby shower boxes to be hand-delivered or mailed. I bought the treats and Jaclyn custom designed and sourced stickers, boxes, labels and notes, needless to say it was a huge success and everyone was so excited to open these boxes and share in the joy and excitement of a new baby in a fun way. Jaclyn always has a solution and is so kind and patient when helping with every type of project and asks all the right questions to bring your vision to life, I will continue to work with her on all my events or business needs that need a beautiful branded touch.



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I thrive on collaboration. The more I speak with a client the more I can foresee what your needs might be and make collateral that truly suits your brand and purpose. 

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