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The below stationery was a gift to my friends that recently got married.  The cards were offset printed by Masterpiece Printers and the envelopes purchased from Paper Presentation.  I found a blind embosser online from Horchow and hand stamped the envelopes gifting them the embosser with the stationery.  Embossers are a great gift for any new couple or home owner: it saves the money of having a return address printed, they can be used again and again and the look is clean, sophisticated and will never go out of stationery style.


Return address altered for privacy.

A hand written thank you note is dreaded by almost everyone, especially in large quantities. Mistakes are almost guaranteed and with white-out taboo, one is left with very little option for retraction or the addition of something forgotten. My mother always taught me to draft something to say before picking up the pen and as much as I don’t like to spend the extra time, this method works.

Couples have asked me what they should write; my advice is to make it as personal as possible. So when you are thanking someone for a gravy boat, throw in that you can’t wait to use it at your next Thanksgiving dinner or say the check they sent will go toward buying a house or your new refrigerator, etc. Show that the gift is appreciated and useful. Now if someone sent something you already own, but they live far away they need not know if you exchange it. If it comes from the bride or groom’s family you should keep it, unless they say for you to exchange it. And, if the person lives close by and would probably notice the absence of their gift in your home, kindly thank them for the gift but say because you already have one you were able to exchange it for something you had been eyeing for a long time. Thank yous should be sent either immediately after receiving a gift or within the next 3 months.

  1. Jill says:

    Did you do this yourself? What an amazing idea!

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