You’ve been BOOed basket!


A fun festive way to get neighbors, colleagues and family members excited for Halloween!

If you’ve been following along you know I love a good party trick and the @19crimes label is it. I made a special tag that helps explain the label feature that it “talks to you through an app” too cool!  I can’t put the tag in my etsy shop but if you want it for free email me and I will share it with you. Next I added a bottle of Pumking beer, orange and yellow pasta from @traderjoes and @sanderscandy pumpkin spice sea salt caramels.

BOO basket

I bought (2) a set of 3 Halloween ice trays from Amazon and put one in each gift. And I bought (4) a set of 3 plastic trays from Shein and broke them up as well to gift each family one. This allows me to make more baskets for less. You can purchase the (3) Boo printable in my Etsy shop and the boo tag is included. The bags from Amazon were the highlight, (1) they light up with the touch of a button! A surefire way to spread Halloween cheer!

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