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Like most people I still have all my wrapping to do. Oh the joys of the holidays! Most of the time I wrap in recycled kraft paper so when I saw these huge rolls on Whisker Graphics I thought what a great idea!  Buying in bulk – ingenious. What is so great about kraft paper is that you can dress it up in soo many ways, ribbon, illustrations, natural elements like this pine cone, sprig and twine from HGTV – so simple and yet stunning. Also, I love these ideas by Real Simple. Plain boxes closed with colored masking tape in place of ribbon. This would be especially helpful for those that have to ship presents like myself, I learned early on that the packages don’t always look as pretty after being tossed around in the mail. Creative tags like these paint chips, how cute!  Anyone that loves the Pantone series or home decorating would be touched by your cleverness (Real Simple won’t tattle). Also, these wood tags with adhesive letters could be used for your family year after year, what a great way to lessen waste. Lastly, run out of gift wrap, wrap with what you have, newspapers, old maps, magazines. Sometimes these options can actually suit a gift better than store bought paper. Blast holiday music, make some eggnog and have fun, any way you wrap it!


1.-4. reasimple.com, 5. hgtv.com, 6. whiskergraphics.com Great resource for plain boxes in bulk Uline.com

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