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Back a few years ago, I was touring a house that was on the market, with my mother and her best friend.  The house was in Gloucester, MA and was beautiful!  I remember that it had been featured in one of the home decor magazines, I think, Better Homes and Gardens.  What was forever imprinted in my mind was an all white pantry and hutch that the homeowner had created. The white porcelain looked so pristeen, pure and uniform, even though each piece was slightly different.  The thought of creating my own white wonderland in the kitchen has stayed with me and I have slowly starting forming my own collection.  My taste is a mix of vintage and modern, taking a few pieces from my 101 year old Nana and buying more contemporary square plates and serving platters as a juxtaposition.  Even though the styles of the pieces are varied they pleasantly compliment each other through their monochromatic scheme.  Although I can not give you the original inspiration photo; here are a few others that I feel capture a similar essence.


1. Elle Decor, 2. A Life’s Design, 3. Unknown, 4. Boston Bash Flickr, 5. Decorology Flickr

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