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A perfect accessory to any package, letter, or invitation wax seals look handmade (even if they are not), expensive and they add a touch of old world charm.  After finding yesterday’s jewelry version I came across Design Sponge’s recent post on handmade wooden wax seals. Designer Kim from Ragehaus has graciously given us, by us I mean those willing to toil with crafts, step by step instructions for creating your own wooden wax seal. For instructions click here.


Photo courtesy of Ragehaus

If making your own stamp seems too aggressive for you, there is wax-works.com who can create a custom 1 inch Wax Seal Hand Stamper for $55. And if the ‘Easy Button’ is your best friend, a peel and stick faux option is available at waxseals.com. Prices range per quantity but custom designs and colors are available. One guarantee with the peel and stick option, no Mr. Miyagi needed.

  1. Renee says:

    I love the product. But I think I love your title more:)

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