rubber stamping


Anyone who knows me knows that I love to rubber stamp. Before the Gocco, home letterpress machines, and high tech printers, stamping was about the only way to dress up greetings with a professional looking graphic. For much less cost and with a little elbow greece stationery can be colored, patterned and decorative. Repeat stamps in full or bleed graphics off an edge for an edited adaptation of the look. I frequently recommend to brides that love the look of letterpress but can’t afford to do the whole suite, to stamp their envelopes and accessories (a graphic crossing over a fold or flap is my favorite.) I also have been known to gift a stamp or two: rubber stamps make great gifts for couples doing wedding stationery and for children they can be used on notes, clothing labels, and as book plates. My go-to resource for custom stamps here in NYC is Ink Pad on 8th Avenue, I could spend hours looking at their collections. See below a few splendid stamping examples…


1.& 2., invitation, reply set, place card & gift tag,, 3. rehearsal dinner menu,, 4. beverage napkins,, 5. rubber address stamp,, 6. & 7., belly band & guestbook tent card,

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