Ready, set, 3!


Rev your engines, race on by, fuel up on cake it’s time to celebrate Weston Rye!

About two months ago we asked our son what he wanted for his third birthday and he said a green monster truck cake; we gladly said that we could make that happen. 

Splurge Bakery did a great job bringing the cake to life and I had no trouble running with the truck and racing theme. 

We decided on a birthday brunch and Pinterest gave me so many great ideas for the menu…

The breakfast selection: Fuel (apple and orange juice) served in tire containers, spare tires (milk and chocolate donuts), traffic lights (blueberry & lemon muffins with m&m’s on top), quiche and a local favorite by Liv Breads, chocolate rugelach. 

The lunch selection: monster green sandwiches (cucumber, spinach & artichoke spread sandwiches), monster pb&j’s, chicken salad and a fruit bar. I purchased the monster truck cookie cutter on amazon. *I did have the flatten the sandwich bread before making as the cutter was a little large.

Dessert’s main event was the chocolate tire cake. I also made the Twix and M&M Teddy-jam racers held together with a little chocolate frosting. And each guest got to take home a Blaze & the Monster Machine sugar cookie

Target sells balloon helium tanks which made blowing up the Blaze balloons morning of very easy! The flags, table cloth and banner came as one package from Amazon.

The custom-made invitation.  

Favors consisted of a monster truck, bouncy balls, race car bubbles and a few items picked up at Target; toy cars, hot wheels stickers, sticky hands, and dum dums held with black takeout containers and custom labels. 

Never did I think I would want matching outfits for the whole family especially after my mom dressed my sister and I alike for 20 years but these t-shirts “Pit Crew” and Weston’s Monster truck t-shirt from Etsy were too perfect to pass up.

Weston’s gift — we revealed an almost completed workshop playhouse that Daddy built this summer.

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