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‘Back to school’ to me means time to make a fresh start.  With that, comes organizing my life and especially my work and work space.  Take a look at some of the very cool items to make work a little more pleasurable.  Whether it be a new way to file, some much needed storage or some pretty pencils to inspire your thoughts, accessorizing your office space may give increased motivation to succeed.  Who knows you may even end up writing the memo of the year…


1. Decisive Desk clips, 12 for $9.50, knockknock, 2. Moleskine 2010 Color-A-Month Daily Planner, 12 for $39.95,, 3. Do/Ponder/File File Folders, 6 for $9, knockknock, 4. Kassett magazine file, 2 for $2.99,, 5. Day of the Week Clip Set, 7 for $8.50, SusyJack contemporary paper, 6. Work Reminder Magnet sets, 4 for $9.95, SusyJack contmeporary paper, 7. Mini Magnetic Strip $3.99-4.99 each plus magnets,, 8. pencil cup and pencils, 22 for $16, SusyJack contemporary paper

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