noteworthy nauticals


As Summer begins to sail away have your correspondence embark with the same attitude of seaside manner.


1. Kate Spade Bon Voyage fold-over boxed set, 12 for $30, Crane & Co. 2. Vera Wang Engraved Sailboats small correspondence cards, 10 for $23, William Arthur, 3. Vera Wang Letterpress Anchor Notes, 10 for $32, William Arthur, 4. Nautical Stripes personalized notes, (more colors available), 50 for $120, Dabney Lee Stationery, 5. Starboard Box set, $28, Boatman Geller, 6. papervessels Recycled Nautical Map Envelopes, 8 for $4,, 7. alishagould Set Sail Note Cards, 8 for $12,

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