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Somehow in New York City the weekends in the summer are never spent here.  We will find any excuse to get out of the heat and preferably toward the ocean.  At this expense come relatives, friends, and summer shares.  Below is a list of small items that just might give your hostess a reason to invite you back, or at the very least give you a quicker okay when you invite yourself back!


1. Chocolate Chip cookies in a jar, $12, Sarabeth’s bakery, 2.  6″ rechargable Candela Glow, $69/set of 4,, 3. I heart bag, $25, Christopher Deane, 4. Slate Chalboard Tray, on sale $24, JCPenny 5. Wine already paired to your meal, $10, Wine that Loves, 6. Jam gift set, $26, Sarabeth’s Bakery

  1. Marisa says:

    WOW, that wine looks awesome. I am def going to invest in that. If you ever want to come out to the beach and bring me some your more than welcome!!!!


  2. Ashleigh VB says:

    I went to a wine tasting and could not leave the Wine That Loves station! The wine is great and is perfect for the food they’ve paired it with and it makes entertaining so fun! If only there was a distributor near me in Mass… I keep looking for it!!

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