Because love shouldn’t be showcased only one day out of the year… throw a dinner party and hand calligraph the menu with care, send love notes as invitations or for any old reason and stamp your way to someone’s heart, his and her scents bring harmony and peace of mind, catch the love bug and indulge, splurge on under garments fit for a queen and capture the feel good moments of wearing them on film, make a memorable monogram, and lastly, smell the roses everywhere you go.


1. hand calligraphed menu,, 2. handmade valentine stamps, set of 6 $3, PS It’s in the Details 3. His and Her candles, $28 each, illume, 4. Love stamps spotted on love jenna 5. Personal photo shoot, haute boudoir photography spotted on snippet & ink, 6. Chocolate stitch hand sewn notes, set 0f 6 $18, Sugarcube Press, 7. Love bug Truffles, 4.86 oz. for $25, Moonstruck Chocolatier, spotted on, 8. My Pink Rose Ring, $10, 9. Phillip Lim lingerie, $75 each, 10. photo, spotted on The Posh Blog

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