holiday crew cuteness


Flipping through the December 09 J. Crew Catalog I came across this ad for Crew Cuts and thought what a fantastic idea for a family holiday card.  My sister and I had our fair share of photos with Santa, 21 years to be exact. We also had years with cheerleading uniforms, our pets and festive decorations outside the house. I think the below photo uses great imagination and kids would get a kick out of filling up the frame. Use whatever might be filling up your yard, a canoe, sleigh, pick up truck, etc. The signs can easily be crafted of wood and display your family name or a holiday message. Most importantly the kids look comfortable! They don’t have to dress up, they can totally be themselves among the festive decor. Kudos Crew Cuts, great inspiration!


  1. Mummy says:

    And why don’t we see some of those “cute” holdiay cards on your blog!

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