high tea


Ever since co-hosting a very merry unbirthday tea party for a friend’s shower, my mother and I have been on the hunt for great tea service in the NE and Tri-State areas. Surprisingly they are hard to come by. Here in NYC I discovered the Ritz -Carlton Cupcake Tea in the Star Lounge, 5 miniature cupcakes and tea for $28 a person. I grabbed an old co-worker and friend and spent a delightful afternoon catching up in leisure. My Mom then found Ferns and Flowers in Warwick, RI and thought what a great way to spend Mother’s Day. For $35 a person they served the 5 of us in a private room: champagne, cheese & crackers, 8 different types of miniature sandwiches (hot & cold), an assortment of pastries and of course tea! There was so much food by the time the pastries came around we were all full and had lots of doggie bag delights. If only all afternoons could be so sweet!

picture-1photo courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton

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