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Any paper obsessed person like myself enjoys occasions in which greeting cards are appreciated. I’d say more than any other holiday Valentine’s Day is about putting your feelings to the test with pen & paper. Valentine’s can cure shyness, spread love, and cement emotions more commonly represented with actions rather than with words. Below are some of my favs on the market this year. If only my budget would allow for me to buy them all, in the meantime thankfully Kate Spade has got an alternative…check out these fabulous and free Email greetings made by her team and friends.


1. egg press, 2. wiley valentine, 3. paper plates press etsy.com spotted via paper crave, 4. upup’s shop etsy.com, 5. smock paper, 6. neat things etsy.com, 7. chewing the cud etsy.com

See last years favorites here

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