gifts of a guest


One rule of etiquette not to be broken…a good guest always gifts a host a token of gratitude. Chic bottle carriers, numbered mixing bowls, modern tea towels paired with the right jam and a little french bread, a lemon tree topiary or a led lantern that illuminates with ease – all great ideas for gifting in return of generosity.


1. Metal Six-Bottle Carrier, $39, and bottles available for $4.50,, 2. Numbered Nesting Bowls, 4 for $59,, 3. Tea towels by ink.lore, $18 each,, 4. Jam Gift Package, photo, 5. Organic Meyer Lemon topiary, $110,, 6. Dietz Antique LED Lantern, available in red or blue $30,

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love the jam gift package! Such a good idea.

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