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I recently picked up Flea Market Style by Emily Chalmers with words by Ali Hanan and photography by Debi Treloar at Anthro as a gift for a friend. I found myself flipping through the pages before gifting it, and boy am I glad I did! One I love to flea and two, some of the uses of the found objects throughout this book I would have never thought of… such wonderful inspiration!  Some of my favorite ideas are below.  Check out the fabulous armoir and dresser covered in chalkboard paint and hand written flair. Loving the lace detail for wall decoration and curtains.  I currently have no curtains in my bedroom and kitchen and I think lace hung from thin wire will be just what the bedroom needs and for my kitchen I am now on the hunt for cool printed semi-transparent scarves. Making the powder room pleasant…love that a few small details can make the bathroom just as important as any other room in the home. And an unexpected seat pad. I have an unfinished wood bench in my kitchen that I have searched high and low for a cushion for and nothing fits. In lieu of a tapestry I recently purchased a small colorful woven rug for the bench seat and I am gitty with content of the look and comfort achieved. Pick up the book here, it is a vintage decorator’s dream!


All photos are Copyrighted Material All Rights Reserved © Ryland Peters & Small and © Photography Loupe Images 1. pgs 22-23, 2. pg 69, pg 33, 3. pg 122, 4. pg 121, 5. pg 136

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