emmett’s nursery


Our nursery has become my favorite room in the house for serenity. The color palette is calming and the room so very peaceful when the baby is sleeping. Also, having a 3 year old I know what is to come – all the primary colored toys that will soon invade the space. Right now the space is so sweet and I just love to sit in there.

I took a cue from Pinterest for the feature wall which my husband framed out and we chose Benjamin Moore Del Mar Blue for paint color. We knew we were having a boy with baby #2 but this blue/green is gender neutral and a hue anyone can love.

The changing table was Weston’s and came from Wayfair. All the books and accessories we also transferred over.

These adorable leather strap shelves were purchased from Amazon.

The blanket ladder came from Antique Farmhouse. I love displaying the hand made pieces our loved ones have so graciously gifted us! The basket storage came from Wayfair, I love how versatile it is and can truly hold anything in any room of the house. The world map I bought at Home Goods 3 years ago but never felt like it fit Weston’s space and sure enough the coloring is perfect for Emmett’s room. The dinosaur print is Weston’s favorite, it came from Ikea and the hanging system you can find here.

This handmade mobile was a splurge when we did Weston’s nursery and I am still obsessed with it. You can find it on Etsy here.

One of my best friends captured these amazing photos for us. You can find here work over at shannonkachuba.com I love that we will be able to forever treasure the early stage of Emmett’s arrival.

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