corona made us do it


In light of what is happening today in the world, and for everything we are feeling due to the Coronavirus, I want to be able to share kindness in some way. The safest way for me to do this is to offer complimentary design and event consulting services from home to those having to cancel or postpone their upcoming celebrations. The thought of not being able to share milestones with those we love is truly upsetting, but this pause is definitely putting all in perspective. Whether you are canceling, or postponing an event or trying new recipes, or organizing closets and cupboards like myself, the below widgets can be shared, posted or texted in hopes of making your communications a little lighter and even fun. Please email me for aid, tag me @impressedinc or use #CoronaMadeUsDoIt so we can all share in this spirit together.

Peace and love, Jaclyn

IG 1×1

IG 4×5

IG or text 9×16

IG or text 9×16 with Hashtag, more 9×16 options below


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