cool kids


Show the kids who invented cool! Gift them great gadgets like mini amps for their Ipods, sophisticated headphones or a camcorder small enough to tote in their pockets. Spark creativity with a lunchbox that shows off their moods, 275 sticker ways to be exact, a pocket notebook to journal one’s big ideas in, completely customizable sneakers, and a tie dye kit to get trendy with. Go on, give Santa a run for your money…

cool_kids21. Mini Doc Amplifiers, pink & black, $19.99,, 2. Free Hugs Gloves, $13, & the Ultimate texting gloves, $26,, 3. Custom Modern Silhouette Portrait, $22, sweetcarolinadesign, 4. Animal Index, by Hiroshi Sasagawa, great for organizing a library, set of 2 back and front of animal $23, spotted in Real Simple June 09,, 5. Flip Ultra Digital Camcorder, $150,, 6. Goodbyn Lunch Box, $29.95,, 7. Customizable Ked Sneakers, Slip on & Lace up, $50,, 8. ChitChat Pocket Moleskine Notebook, $8, milkweedandhoney, 9. JBuds J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Travel Case, $29.95,, 10. Tie Dye Kit, $20, spotted in’s Holiday 09 Gift Guide, & White T-shirt, $17,

  1. abby says:

    Great picks! This definitely gives me some ideas as to what to get my nephew.

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