color them happy


Giving the gift of color will surely brighten anyone’s holiday. What I love most about some of these gifts is that they will bring cheer that lasts long throughout the year and that can be shared with others. Suskie’s iron ons have loads of illustrations for rainy day projects and gift giving ideas of their own, Modern Colors postcards will make mail happy again, the notebook series lends itself to versatility and creativity, and the disposable luggage tags are a great reminder of your wit and can be gifted to not just one but to a well traveled family. You will strike gold in gratitude at the end of these rainbows.

color_them_happy51. Arcobaleno puzzle set, $58.00,, 2. Modern Colors Postcard Box, set of 50 $20.95, 3. suitcases, $24 – $39, The Land of Nod, 4. Sukie Iron Ons, 30 pages of illustrations $12.95,, 5. USB Hub Chain, contains 4 ports, $27.50,, 6. Color Spectrum Umbrellas, Stick $40 & Collapsible $24,, 7. Bouquet of Notebooks, each a different color and type of paper, set 0f 7 $20,, 8. Disposable Luggage Tags, set 0f 6 $12.50,

  1. Chris Doerr says:

    I just bought the luggage tags for the mother. They are the perfect add on gift to her Christmas present!! Thank you for the amazing recommendations! Keep them coming, I still need ideas for my father. Have any tricks up your sleeve for them? 😉

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