christmas storage solutions


I love decorating for Christmas but taking it all down and storing everything can be a challenge. I have found a few systems that really work for me and wanted to share them with you here.

I love this stackable ornament storage box. You can separate the layers so you can see all the ornaments at once as you decorate the tree. I wrap in bubble wrap and tissue and fit as many as I can into the slots. The invidual spaces are not that big so below I have a larger container for bigger ornaments. Just carry from the bottom, I do not trust the handle in carrying through our house when full. Similar one on sale here or full price here.

For larger ornaments I like this snap storage box.

For wrapping paper I love this long container from the Container Store. Special trick I learned from my mom, buy a paper for each member of the family or child so you don’t have to label everything!

And lastly my favorite storage solution of all, is this closet hanger system for gift tags and labels. One whole side is Christmas, and the other I have grouped into birthday, love, baby, friendship and thank you. It is so accessible and an amazing space saver.

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