chalk it up. . .


any way you like it!   Chalkboard accessories are fun, versatile, typically inexpensive and green! Mistakes can be a thing of the past, organization can be made easy and design can change just as your mood does… daily.  Chalk is popping up all over the place: on packaging, labels, mugs well suited for teacher/writer types, favors, party supplies and home & restaurant decor.  A friend of mine painted her dining room wall with chalkboard paint and every party I attend at her home the wall is always a hit, keeping guests entertained for hours.  Little kids, big kids can all share in this joy, the possibilities for freedom of expression are endless!


1. Chalk-late Box, Askinosie Chocolate, $42, spotted on simple song, buy it here, 2. chalkboard sticker labels, oval 3.5 inch- set of 10, $8, rectangular 5 inch – set of 10, $12, bradensgracewallart’s etsy, 3. red etch it’ cups, NO chalk needed just scratch your message on, set of 32, $7.50,, 4. chalk board mug, $10, The Spoon Sisters, 5. Chalkboard Candles, $19.75,, 6-8. Magnetic Chalkboard Wall, Napkin rings & Decor inspiration, Apartment Therapy

  1. Renee Campilio says:

    We must be connected on some “other” level… because I just bought chalk board paint the other day for our kitchen door! And maybe some fun shapes for the babies room. Also, i bought carafes with chalk paint on the sides at Pier 1 Imports! Yeah! Thanks for these images Jacki:)

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