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Yesterday I celebrated one more candle added to my cake.  In honor of my special day I am going to share with you all a few of my birthday favorites.  First item on the list is birthday garland.  The above is an easy DIY template available by who else but  I downloaded the whole alphabet in black letters and use them for all occasions: showers, new year’s, birthdays, etc.  I love that they can look very different pending the paper choice and trim treatment.  When cutting, I like to use pinking sheers, and fun decorative scissors.  Also, your ribbon selection and how you tie the banner together can make quite a statement.  Note: punch holes on either side of the cards so the letters stay facing forward.  The best part is the banners could even be reusable if you store them well.

  1. Kimberly Carroll says:

    This looks so pretty Jacki! I love it! Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Marisa says:

    Happy belated lady!!! I wish i could’ve come to visit! Hope all is well. Love the blog so far!

  3. Renee Campilio says:

    Love it birthday girl! I can’t wait to plan Stella’s 1st birthday!! And of course there will be lots of birthday garland!

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