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So I am moving at the end of this month into my very own apartment. Daunting yet truly exciting!  I am finding myself looking for inspiration on how to decorate this new space that I can call my very own. I love both vintage and modern so I am looking for an eclectic mix of the two. The below images showcase rooms and items with a more vintage feel, however I may just plop a modern piece in here and there.

The kitchen is a galley kitchen, I am attracted to the look of butcher blocks with white and silver accents. I definitely would like a hutch (see past white pantry post here) and I am toying with the idea of these oak open shelves. Dust and greece are my main concerns, if anyone has advice on this please share. The bathroom I would like to be serene, feminine, and comfortable. I am working with 1/4 the space of the lofted bathroom below but the colors and wood beams are wonderful!  Aged wood, wicker and accents of apothecary bottles, and silver specialities are a must. For dining, I like white seat covers with dark wood and love the large mirror as a backdrop. A few other homey items like a bench seat and ruffled bed dress just might be the touches I am looking for. Oh and let’s not forget about a little bit of lux, a chandelier would be absolute heaven! DIY network is about to become my new best friend.


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  1. Renee says:

    Well, this is going to be quite the apartment m’dear! Yes, both dust and grease splatters and splashes will land on your pretty white pantry items. I have open shelving far far away from my stove and lately I have been wishing that most of it was covered up and not with the layer of dust:) However, I do love the look of exposed kitchen items like mason jars with popcorn, beans, cereal and pasta. The next time I redecorate/move I think I will keep the things I use day to day exposed. Such as my everyday mugs, bowls, jars of lentils, popcorn, dried teas and teapots. Kind of similar to picture #6 And all the other items will be stored behind dust free doors of some sort. That way you are washing those items everyday/week anyway. A pretty and stress free kitchen. That is my advice:) Can’t wait to see pictures of the new apt.!

  2. That is so exciting!! We have to get together soon for a little interior design inspiration.

    Good luck with the move..


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