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Send out some sass this Valentine’s Day…


1. & 4. Single Awareness Day & Kiss Me Already You Know You Want to, $2.50 each, nouveau designs 2. Will You be My Valentine, FYI I’m Easy, $4.50, Old Tom Foolery, 3. sad girl with balloons by Red cap & ‘valentine’s should be cancelled pop quiz by Regional, available at Urbanic Paper Boutique spotted via Parcel Post 5. Love bites, created by Amanda Larsen Design, custom printed 15 for $45,

  1. Chris Doerr says:

    Where is number 4 from? Even though I have a Valentine these are all SO cute! I want to send them to everyone I know (who is not my boyfriend)


  2. Chris Doerr says:

    Nevermind… it’s from the same place as #1. I obviously need to pay better attention. :/

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