a back to the future 1st birthday


It all started with the idea of creating a time capsule for my son Weston to open on his 18th birthday. In searching what items to include in our time capsule, my go-to method for inspiration – Pinterest led me to this gem of a Halloween costume. Being born in the 80’s, my husband and I love the Back to the Future movies and this gave us the perfect 1st birthday party theme.

And because who has the time to make a cardboard Dolorean time machine, why not rent the real thing! Fortunately for us Eric Sellin lives in New Jersey.

A guest appearance was a great surprise from Matt Bell aka Marty McFly

My Father-in-law as Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown in a Lab Coat and Wig.

Weston’s costume: Jean Jacket, button-down and jeans by Baby Gap, Suspenders and Red Bubble Vest Amazon, Red Marist College onesie “Go Red Foxes” and baby sneaks purchased at Pop in Millburn also available on Amazon.

We asked friends & family to contribute to a time capsule to be opened in 2035, when Weston turns 18! Letters, the New York Times from the day Wes was born, family photos, a Back to the Future T-shirt, match box car, DVD and this great recap of the year 2017 from Etsy were just some of the items included.

We served themed desserts – an Outatime Cake, Flux Capacitor Rice Krispie Treats and Clock Tower favor cookies that read Weston’s birthday 8:31. Both the sheet cake and Weston’s funfetti smash cake were made by Splurge Bakery, and the favor cookies were made by Cookie Mom (laurielally@live.com).

In lieu of birthday gifts we made a donation to the Micheal J. Fox Foundation in support of Parkinson’s Disease research. Please help us in supporting their amazing efforts here: https://fundraise.michaeljfox.org/tf-2018/WestonMcRye

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  1. Brenda Burns says:

    Beyond amazing–can’t wait till he opens the time capsule.

  2. Thais says:

    This is so inspiring! We’re doing a 1 year old back to the future birthday party to our son Martin (named after Marty Mcfly) as we’re big fans of the movies as well! Unfortunately no delorean rent in Brazil (especially in small towns) but we’ll do our best to make it a special moment, special memories 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Jaclyn, Impressed Inc says:

      Aww it is such a fun theme! Thank you for your note it brings me so much joy 🙂 I wish your Martin the very best 1st birthday, I would love to see pics post party My IG is @impressedinc xo Jaclyn

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