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To creative, clever moms and crafty husbands …

This was the coolest kid castle I have ever seen!  Friends of mine struggle with 2 winter birthdays for their children and how to keep kids entertained, so the solution for Chloe’s second birthday – build her a homemade castle of recycled cardboard, hand stenciled, and strung with flag banners and balloons. A colorful duct tape hopscotch led to the gated door, and on the inside were 2 areas to get lost in. Lastly, what castle would be complete without crowns and swords for all it’s residents. Too cool – was kind of jealous I couldn’t fit. The best part was the kids got to help make parts of the castle and enjoy watching it come to life, and it stayed up long after the party was over. True birthday success!



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  1. Kirsty Says:

    please can you give instructions on how you did this!

  2. Jaclyn, Impressed Inc Says:

    I have asked the creators of the castle for instructions and if they are able to provide them I will post them. :)

  3. EB Says:

    I would love the instructions as well. We have 2 Dec birthdays and my girls would love this!

  4. sarah skavlebo Says:

    is it possible to get instructions on how to make this

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  6. Raylene Dillabough Says:

    I have been searching like crazy cardboard castles, and this is by far the best I’ve seen!! I would love to know if there were any tricks to making this super sturdy?! My daughter is turning three soon, and her party is “princess and Knights” themed, and I have become determined to make a castle for the kids, simular to this!!

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