because that’s what Dad’s are great at! I don’t want them to think I forgot about them. To all the Father’s that keep their families safe and sound, I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. You deserve to know you are appreciated even if we don’t always say thank you!


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En.grav.ing: to carve, cut, or etch into a material used for printing.

What was once a standard way of printing has over the years lost popularity but remains classic and cherished by artists and their aficionados. John M. Carrera a printer, bookbinder, artist and professor has developed a wonderful archive of Webster’s Dictionaries many engravings that graced the pages of their books in the 19th century. The restored engravings were used to create the below amazing items: a visual guide of 1,500 engravings great for any imagination, a set of 14 rubber stamps useful for scrapbooking and making stationery items, and alphabet cards that combine engravings with bold modern type, cool enough to hang on any wall or file away for educating. Picturing all the things I could do with these!


Clockwise: Pictorial Webster: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities, $23.10, Pictorial Webster’s Wall Cards: Icons & Curiosities from A to Z, 26 cards $16.47, and Pictorial Webster Rubber Stamp Set, set of 14 $12.89, amazon.com


Loving this look…chic, comfortable, and professional. Making looking good look easy. Thanks to Garance Doré for the street style snap shot. Happy weekend everyone!


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Food, drinks, and  games – every guys dream day job. This Father’s day give the gift he’s hoping for: a personalized grill set paired with the right rubs, a tool to make pizza like a real Italian, an easy way to open wine, or surefire a way to horse around. Because every dad deserves a day to divulge.


1. Vintage Texas Horseshoe Set, Four Shoes & Two Stakes $69, napastyle.com, 2. Wall-Mounted Enoteca Bottle Opener, $169, napastyle.com, 3. Barrel Stave Bistro Cooler w/ stand, $585, napastyle.com, 4. Pizza Grilling Stone, $37, crateandbarrel.com, 5. Monogrammed Grill Tools Set with Storage Case, $100, williams-sonoma.com, 6. Kirby Cordial Glasses, $7 ea, crateandbarrel.com, 7. The Ultimate Grill Kit, $35, stonewallkitchen.com


Something functional, delicious, good looking and conceptually tied to an event theme – so few can conquer the never-ending favor dilemma and Sunday Suppers nailed it, this olive oil favor is superb! For those that don’t know Sunday Suppers they create, plan, prepare and teach you a meal for a sit down, stomach-savoring experience. In one of their classes they used Frank’s restaurant olive oil and had the genius idea to use it as favors. Linda & Harriett was enlisted to create custom signage and labels. Tea-staining the paper gave the perfect old world feel. Oh to be in Tuscany again! Bellissima ladies.


see other event details on sunday-suppers.blogspot.com buy olive oil, 1 Liter $27 frankiesspuntino.com

photography by Karen Mordechai





a beautiful yellow floral foldover note download from Miss B of the Blah Blah Blahg. Print 2 per 8.5 x 11 stock sheet. Sure to bring smiles and great for so many different occasions.

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