Traveling tomorrow for the first time to the famous Sin city for my sister’s 30th Birthday. It’s a girls weekend through and through. I packed a few goodies for my fellow travelers that I can’t wait to show you – after of course, because I want them to be surprised!  Hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend!

photo spotted on bekahpaige’s flickr


Ever since co-hosting a very merry unbirthday tea party for a friend’s shower, my mother and I have been on the hunt for great tea service in the NE and Tri-State areas. Surprisingly they are hard to come by. Here in NYC I discovered the Ritz -Carlton Cupcake Tea in the Star Lounge, 5 miniature cupcakes and tea for $28 a person. I grabbed an old co-worker and friend and spent a delightful afternoon catching up in leisure. My Mom then found Ferns and Flowers in Warwick, RI and thought what a great way to spend Mother’s Day. For $35 a person they served the 5 of us in a private room: champagne, cheese & crackers, 8 different types of miniature sandwiches (hot & cold), an assortment of pastries and of course tea! There was so much food by the time the pastries came around we were all full and had lots of doggie bag delights. If only all afternoons could be so sweet!

picture-1photo courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton


Here is just a small showing of the impressions made from this years National Stationery Show in NYC.

A mix of hand calligraphy and painted illustrations make Rifle Paper Co stand out as the best new stationer to be added to the show…

fav_new_stationer1Rifle Paper Co

A hand made booth boutique painted with stripes, the stationer’s silhouette, a post box and colorful envelope shingles…in my opinion parcel perfection!

fav_booth_designMr. Boddington’s Studio

Everyone that loves paper leaves the show feeling that their next snail mail must be absolutely fabulous – hence the perfect take home, vintage stamps…

fav_take_homeCarta inc. Angela Liguori

A library of letterpress: box sets inspired by textile and decorative patterns from around the world. Just one wouldn’t do them justice…

fav_libraryAlbertine Press

Love how handmade takes on a new meaning when the creatures in design are brought to life. These felt owls are clever and cute…

fav_critter1Night Owl Paper Goods


I am already obsessed with fabric banners so I find this homemade handkerchief banner absolutely darling! The below couple purchased handkerchiefs at a local flea and tied them together and to poles for their engagement shoot. Not only is this idea beautiful but it could also have more meaning, one could ask family members for old hankies to make a banner of history or a hankie banner would be great for a bridal shower and afterward each guest could untie a hankie and take it home as a favor. Dainty and unique any way you tie it.


see more of Danni & Nick’s engagement shoot on 100layercake.com





Real Simple is so fabulous for giving us ideas for multi-purposing so many of the things we have in our homes. Take the below for instance, a mix of innovative ways to utilize old things, leftover things, or reinvent things we weren’t even sure how to use in the first place. Featured are cupcake foils as tea light holders, a skateboard shelf for storing small novelties, pretty wallpaper as drawer liners (spray with perfume for added enjoyment), and a wine rack as a magazine holder. Perfect practice of the 3 R’s: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


see more ideas at realsimple.com


If only chores were pleasant… but just because they aren’t, doesn’t mean that the space we do them in shouldn’t be. Loving this laundry room for soo many reasons: the painterly wall paper back splash, the cross hatch window panes on the cabinetry, the crisp white towels folded neatly and tucked away, the apothecary like soaps on the counter and the candle like lantern hanging from above. Tidy and titillating!


see more stylish laundry spaces at apartmenttherapy.com


I have been asked by a friend to help create a bottle label for a home brewed beer. In the initial stages of research the focus is leaning toward a vintage feel. Below are some of the inspiration finds: old labels of the beverage, cigar and condiment variety…


1. lovelypackage.com, 2. The Graphics Fairy 3. philcoffman.com, 4. Dr. Whisky, 5. esnarf.com


About 2 years ago I found myself in a baby boom of sorts. It seemed as though everyone I knew had a baby bump and between showers, birthdays and holidays I found myself in a new area of  retail…the baby store. Now I don’t know about you but the thought of Babies R Us in the city makes me want to tie my tubes, so when I stumbled into Bundle a few weeks ago I was beyond elated. Allison MacCullough, the owner of this boutique had the same problem I did, finding cute gifts for the little ones in her life that didn’t break the bank and so she decided to do something about it. Bundle has been open for a little over a year and Allison hand picks all her merchandise. Her taste is evident, the apparel is stylish and soft, the skin care selective, and the stuffed toys and other fun baby gifts delightful. Have no time to get there or aren’t local to NYC, not to worry, Bundle has an online shop and even better a concierge service that will help you find exactly what you need. Tears of joy only!


Bundle 128 Thompson Street, NYC  212.982.9465 www.bundlenyc.com


Moms typically give of themselves tremendously without asking for very much in return. Today make sure that your Mom feels special, loved and pampered because the truth is she deserves it.  Make a card, bring her breakfast in bed, supply her with a certificate for the ultimate spa experience. Do all the little things around the house that she may do every day without a single complaint. Today she should be able to appreciate being a Mom without the every day stresses of raising a family. To all the Moms that nurture and love unconditionally, Happy Mother’s Day!


photo spotted via Snippet & Ink from Rifle Paper Co

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