Giving the gift of color will surely brighten anyone’s holiday. What I love most about some of these gifts is that they will bring cheer that lasts long throughout the year and that can be shared with others. Suskie’s iron ons have loads of illustrations for rainy day projects and gift giving ideas of their own, Modern Colors postcards will make mail happy again, the notebook series lends itself to versatility and creativity, and the disposable luggage tags are a great reminder of your wit and can be gifted to not just one but to a well traveled family. You will strike gold in gratitude at the end of these rainbows.

color_them_happy51. Arcobaleno puzzle set, $58.00, kidonyc.com, 2. Modern Colors Postcard Box, set of 50 $20.95, momastore.org 3. suitcases, $24 – $39, The Land of Nod, 4. Sukie Iron Ons, 30 pages of illustrations $12.95, chroniclebooks.com, 5. USB Hub Chain, contains 4 ports, $27.50, puremodern.com, 6. Color Spectrum Umbrellas, Stick $40 & Collapsible $24, momastore.org, 7. Bouquet of Notebooks, each a different color and type of paper, set 0f 7 $20, dwr.com, 8. Disposable Luggage Tags, set 0f 6 $12.50, spoonsisters.com


For the love of food, drink & entertaining. All of your foodie friends & family members will appreciate you feeding into their habits & hobbies. Who knows maybe you will even reap the benefits of some home cooking in return. Take these gifts one step further by gifting them with accessories, for the bottle opener: a 6 pack of beer, the child’s cookbook: an apron and bag of tomatoes, the wine rack: a bottle of your favorite vino, the cheese board: a great block of artisanal cheese, go on you get the idea.

eat_drink__be_merry1. Reusable Vegetable Bags in Red, set of 4 – $20, spotted on Design Dishwonder-thunder.com, 2. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, $10, dwr.com, 3. Shesham Wall Mount-Stacking Wine Rack, $29.95, crateandbarrel.com, 4. The Silver Spoon for Children, by Phaidon, 50 Italian recipes for a budding Boyardee, $13.57, spotted in Real Simple Dec 09, amazon.com, 5. The Chef Set, page flags, set of 5 $5.95, spotted in InStyle Dec 09, spoonsisters.com, 6. Personalized lucite tray, $130, dabneyleeathome.com, 7. Mepra Enameled Aluminum Nonstick Pans, broadwaypanhandler.com, $20 each – save 20% off through Dec  30th InStyle.com, 8. Indoor S’mores, $19, threetarts.com, 9. Antonini Olive Wood Cheese Knife-Board Set, $99 includes monogram, williams-sonoma.com


Many of you may have started your holiday shopping this past weekend, and if you shopped on Black Friday you were braver than most. Not to worry, if shopping in crowds sounds like unbearable torture, stay in your slippers because this week I am bringing the perfect presents to you! Gift guides composed to impress everyone on your list. Simply search ‘gift guide’ and click your way to a completed shopping list.


As I was home celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, I loved reminiscing about my childhood, as well as, all the family stories prior to my birth. I am always curious to hear how my parents were raised and their parents and so on and so on.  The Blah, Blah, Blahg brought to my attention My Parents Were Awesome created by Eliot Glazier, a site perfect for taking a peak at the past. This site showcases vintage photographs of parents before they were actually parents. In honor of their awesomeness, check out my parents below and a few of my favs from My Parents Were Awesome.

momdad_1976My folks, Jack & Mari

barbe-jerzy1Barbe & Jerzy

terry-zoilaTerry & Zoila

karl-lisaKarl & Lisa

see more at myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com


Another season of gift giving is upon us, searching high and low for the perfect presents can be daunting to most. Find unique and special gifts in your area at local artisan and craft fairs. Thoughtful, handmade and often inexpensive, these gifts may be just the thing you are looking for! Most of the fairs are free and even if you are not looking for gifts they can be fun to walk around, taste and admire the holiday cheer.


Photo, katespaperie.com

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park, New York City
where: btw 40th and 42nd Streets & Fifth and Sixth Avenues
when: now through January 3rd
time: Mon-Fri 11am – 8pm, Sat 10am – 9pm, Sun 10am – 6pm
cost: free!

Brooklyn Flea, New York City
where: Annex, at E. 4th St. and Lafayette
when: Wed*-Sun until Christmas starting Friday November 27th
every day Dec 16th – 24th
time: Wed noon – 9pm, Thu & Sun noon– 7pm, Fri & Sat noon – 8pm
* wednesdays 6-9pm enjoy djs and drinks!
cost: free!

Unique Los Angeles, Los Angeles
where: California Market Center
when: Saturday & Sunday, December 5 + 6
time: 11am – 6pm
cost: $10

Renegade Craft, Chicago
where: Pulaski Park Fieldhouse
when: Saturday & Sunday, December 5 + 6
time: 11am – 7pm
cost: free!

Sowa Holiday Market, Boston
where: Cathedral HS Gymnasium, 74 Union Park Street
when: Saturday & Sunday, December 12 + 13
time: 10am – 6pm
cost: $5.00 for adults, Children under 12 free

Bazaar Bizarre, San Francisco
where: County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park
when: Saturday & Sunday, December 12 + 13
time: 12pm – 6pm
cost: $2

Renegade Craft, San Francisco
where: Fort Mason Center Herbst Pavilion
when: Saturday & Sunday, December 19 + 20
time: 11am – 7pm
cost: free!


Flipping through the December 09 J. Crew Catalog I came across this ad for Crew Cuts and thought what a fantastic idea for a family holiday card.  My sister and I had our fair share of photos with Santa, 21 years to be exact. We also had years with cheerleading uniforms, our pets and festive decorations outside the house. I think the below photo uses great imagination and kids would get a kick out of filling up the frame. Use whatever might be filling up your yard, a canoe, sleigh, pick up truck, etc. The signs can easily be crafted of wood and display your family name or a holiday message. Most importantly the kids look comfortable! They don’t have to dress up, they can totally be themselves among the festive decor. Kudos Crew Cuts, great inspiration!




Why didn’t I think of this before?  I keep Ghiradelli unsweetened cocoa in my cupboard for baking. Why not make a delicious cup of hot cocoa from scratch?!  Craft Lovely gives us this simple recipe a few helpful tips, see full post here. YUM!


Hot Cocoa, recipe derived from Droste

• 2 tsps cocoa powder
• 2 heaping tsps sugar
• 1 cup milk

Directions: Mix cocoa and sugar in a cup or mug. Add just enough milk to stir into a paste. Add hot milk and stir until mixed.  (*Heat milk in a small saucepan on low heat, stirring constantly so the bottom doesn’t burn).


It’s time to get decked out for the holidays, show off your sexy self in sequin and lace. Urban Outfitter’s Holiday 09 catalog arrives just in time to bring inspiration with their seductive and shining ensembles…




It doesn’t take much to dine in style this Thanksgiving. Let the earth be your inspiration and grab from your garden: fruits, veggies or flowers, survey the ground for fallen pine cones or leaves, or pull wheat or hay from a nearby field or farm.  Of course please ask permission before trespassing on another’s property. Use elements you already own, mix-matched ribbons make easy napkin ties, recycled brown paper bags can be filled with luminaries or used for tags or other decorations around the house. My favorite Thanksgiving craft as a kid was the pine cone turkey. Don’t be afraid to be a little different and please send if pictures if you care to share your design with others.


1.-3. Designer Erinn Valencich’s ideas spotted on HGTV.com

4.-6. Martha Stewart’s ideas, marthastewart.com


Today on Veteran’s Day we give gratitude to all those who have served our country!

kisses-lips-mdnThroughout the day in NYC, Cosmo and Maybelline NY teamed up to achieve the Guinness World Record for most lip-print kisses collected within 12 hours to be mailed to our boys overseas.  The boys will receive their kiss postcards on New Year’s Eve so they too can have a kiss at midnight. And for every kiss that is collected, Cosmo & Maybelline NY will donate $1 to the United Service Organizations. Thank you to these organizations for bringing awareness to the importance of remembering those servicing and bringing the soldiers a smile along with it. And not to worry if you missed the NY tour you can still participate by mailing in a kissed postcard of your own, details here.

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