Give it some stripes, sparklers, sailing accessories and of course some red, white and blue and you got yourself a patriotic pride daring to be reckoned with.


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Independence Day is my favorite holiday; therefore I am devoting an entire week of posts leading up to the main event.  What better way to start than taking a look at the beauty that lies within our amazing country…


All images borrowed from Flickr, from left to right:

 Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California,Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,    Florida, Georgia,Hawaii, Idaho,  Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,    Louisiana, Maine, Maryland,Massachusetts,Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri,
     Montana,Nebraska, Nevada,New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,North Carolina,North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon,Pennsylvania,Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,Utah, Vermont, Virginia,
 Washington,West Virginia,Wisconsin, Wyoming



“You are only young once, but you can remain immature indefinitely.”                                                                                                                              - Author unknown


Photo courtesy of Dani Brubaker


Back a few years ago, I was touring a house that was on the market, with my mother and her best friend.  The house was in Gloucester, MA and was beautiful!  I remember that it had been featured in one of the home decor magazines, I think, Better Homes and Gardens.  What was forever imprinted in my mind was an all white pantry and hutch that the homeowner had created. The white porcelain looked so pristeen, pure and uniform, even though each piece was slightly different.  The thought of creating my own white wonderland in the kitchen has stayed with me and I have slowly starting forming my own collection.  My taste is a mix of vintage and modern, taking a few pieces from my 101 year old Nana and buying more contemporary square plates and serving platters as a juxtaposition.  Even though the styles of the pieces are varied they pleasantly compliment each other through their monochromatic scheme.  Although I can not give you the original inspiration photo; here are a few others that I feel capture a similar essence.


1. Elle Decor, 2. A Life’s Design, 3. Unknown, 4. Boston Bash Flickr, 5. Decorology Flickr


How gorgeous is this display of peonies… pleasantly arranged with different colored buds and vases in varying sizes. A perfect still life, love the fruit in the bowl and the polaroid on the side. Somewhat nostalgic of my Mother’s bedroom growing up, the florals and colors reminiscent of her Ralph Lauren bedding.

peonyphoto courtesy of Our Journey to the Aisle


Somehow in New York City the weekends in the summer are never spent here.  We will find any excuse to get out of the heat and preferably toward the ocean.  At this expense come relatives, friends, and summer shares.  Below is a list of small items that just might give your hostess a reason to invite you back, or at the very least give you a quicker okay when you invite yourself back!


1. Chocolate Chip cookies in a jar, $12, Sarabeth’s bakery, 2.  6″ rechargable Candela Glow, $69/set of 4, Vessel.com, 3. I heart bag, $25, Christopher Deane, 4. Slate Chalboard Tray, on sale $24, JCPenny 5. Wine already paired to your meal, $10, Wine that Loves, 6. Jam gift set, $26, Sarabeth’s Bakery


I honestly hate buying things off a wedding registry even though it is the one time people can tell you what they want! I just feel it is so impersonal and especially don’t like when all the good items are all already taken.  So when forced to buy a muffin pan or set of coasters why not add a special touch to the couple’s present. The below recipe card sets are a great gesture that could include your 4th generation family blueberry muffin recipe or your famous Cosmo Concoction.  There is a lot of insight you can share… I have even gone so far as to give special instructions on the perfect gallery height measure when gifting a laser level.  Go on, make those easily clicked items the ones they will be sure not to forget.


1. DIY:  CollageObjects printable Retro recipe Cards, 2. BUY: 1canoe2′s, recipe cards and dividers spotted on Poppytalk, 3. DIY: Wildolive’s printable graphic recipe cards, 4. BUY: Terri Taylor Design Bite Me recipe card set



fathers_dayPhoto: Anthropology June Catalog


I work in the Meatpacking district in Manhattan and down there the pig is all the rage…it got me thinking just how many piggies are used to market restaurants; here are a few of my fav finds:


1. The Spotted Pig, NYC, 2. St. John, London, 3. The Bourgeois Pig, NYC, 4. Florent, NYC – We miss you!, 5.  Zampa, NYC


A co-worker on mine forwarded me this invite knowing it would be right up my alley. Designed by the groom, I think this is pure brilliance!  I love that the invitation includes the evolution of their courtship.  So many couples now-a-days have to deal with distance in their relationship; I can’t believe it took this pair 48, 284 miles to finally come together.  Talk about patience!!  So much text on the invite could have been daunting, however the typeset choices and shape separations give the invite a welcoming flow.  I got a kick out of the rsvp card also.  Love the wording “can we get a witness” and the design and text of the postcard slide with directions underneath are great.  Kudos to Matt for a unforgettable intro to their wedding. Original post: MotherBoard



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